White iPhone 4 Coming Feb. 27?

The white iPhone 4 could go on sale Feb. 27, according to two reports circulating today citing leaked photos of retail inventory lists including the coveted smartphone.

MacRumors posted a photo of an inventory screen from Best Buy, which shows the white iPhone listed as "in stock" Feb. 27 and available in two models -- 16GB and 32GB.

Meanwhile, a photo of an inventory screen from the German telecom company Vodaphone showing the availability of a 16GB and 32GB iPhone 4 in white was just posted at Engadget.

When the iPhone 4 launched last summer, Apple said at the time it would come in white and black, but the white iPhone 4 release was soon delayed to late July, with Apple providing few details on the reasons. Then, the white model launch was pushed back to "later this year (2010)" and finally stalled with company saying Spring 2011.

With Apple disclosing no details on the issue, speculation abounds over why the white iPhone 4 is not yet on sale. Some industry watchers believe Apple's hardware partners in the manufacturing chain are fixing the design problem that plagued the iPhone 4 launch -- dubbed Antennagate -- in which the phone performed poorly when held a certain way that blocked the antenna. Others said the shade of white on the home button didn't match the rest of the phone and that manufacturers couldn't resolve the issue.

Reports of the white iPhone 4 becoming a reality come on the heels of the Verizon iPhone 4 launch, which offers U.S. consumers a choice of carriers for the iconic handset since it was unveiled in 2007 exclusively on AT&T.


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