Review: Otterbox - BlackBerry Curve Defender Case

The BlackBerry Curve Defender Case from Otterbox offers top of the line protection for your BlackBerry. It's a great case if you put your BlackBerry through a beating everyday.

Otterbox says the case has 3 layers of protection, a clear membrane to protect the skin, a hi-impact Polycarbonate shell and a silicone skin to absorb bump and shock. While the case is not waterproof it will protect your BlackBerry from light rain and precipitation.

The case adds some bulk to your Curve, as all cases do, but it makes it feel study and ready to take a beating. Another thing I noticed right off the bat was the plastic over the keys. It feels strange to type on at first, but you get used to it very quickly. It keeps the keys in pristine shape.

The side buttons are covered by the case, but it provides its own version of the buttons for you to push. It fits perfectly, there has never been an issue around the case's buttons not getting the job done. The USB and headset inputs are covered by a plastic flap that is easy to open and close yet fits very snugly. No need to worry about dust or other particles getting into the holes.

Volume remained bright and clear. I could hear the phone, either on calls, ringtones, or music, perfectly. I also did not get any complaints about others hearing me. The LED is not covered up, so you can still see it flashing as well.

I let my three year old daughter have a go at the Otterbox protected Curve, but she didn't stand a chance. I also gave the Otterbox protected Curve to my husband to take to work with him. He generally destroys a case in a month or less. The Otterbox is the only case that can survive him. You can't tell from looking over the case if he has been using it for a week or several months.

The case comes with instructions on how to get your Curve inside. They are straight forward and easy to follow.

Keep in mind, the protection does have a few drawbacks, however.

The plastic goes over the camera to protect it, but it makes the pictures blurry. You can cut the plastic over the camera, but it will leave it exposed.

The only other drawback is if you need to pull the battery, or get to the SIM or Memory card. The Otterbox is not like most cases that you can slip your BlackBerry in and out of quickly. There is more work to getting your BlackBerry out.

If you don't need access to the inner workings, then you don't have anything to worry about, though.

You can get the Otterbox case at www.otterbox.com for $49.95. I would recommend this case to anyone who needs to keep their BlackBerry safe from themselves or what they get into all day.


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