Review: Apple MobileMe

If you've been waiting for a time when it was safe to try Apple's MobileMe, the waters seem to be calm now.

MobileMe, the successor to Apple's .Mac suite of online tools, experienced perhaps the rockiest launch of any Apple product ever. Approximately one percent of existing customers couldn't access their mail and lost old mail for weeks, while many more couldn't use the online services. A host of smaller bugs caused syncing problems.

The worst is over and MobileMe is behaving as it should at this point. While we'd love to share what the transition problems were like, we had a perfectly smooth time moving from .Mac to MobileMe. Most users didn't have any trouble.

The old .Mac (which is still in use for people using OS X 10.4 and older) allowed people to sync and store important information with their online accounts. MobileMe is a refinement of the service that brings the iPhone and iPod touch into the equation. The key benefit is that users can wirelessly sync information between their computers, handhelds, and online account. While Apple has surprised us by dropping colorful but less-used parts of .Mac, it's successfully focused on providing a simple user experience for the most important features.

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