Mobile Security Review: Kanguru's Affordable Thumb Drive Protection Offering

Mobile security isn't all about smartphones, laptops, tablets, netbooks and wireless networks. With hundreds of millions of thumb drives sold each year, it's safe to say that sensitive data in the pockets of mobile office workers needs to be included in the mix. We evaluate the Kanguru Remote Management Console Cloud Edition, an affordable solution.

Kanguru Remote Management Console Cloud Edition
Price: $19.95 per drive / year
Pros: Central encryption control & logging with zero effort, remote lock/wipe & audit trail
Cons: Limited to Windows KDE drives, user-initialized drive settings, superficial reporting

Nearly 200 million thumb drives were sold last year, placing trillions of bytes of data in pockets and purses. To prevent little lost drives from causing big breaches, employers must protect any sensitive data stored there.

Centrally-managed enterprise servers that encrypt, audit, and wipe thumb drives are increasingly common. But what about SMBs long on risk, but short on resources? To fill this gap, Kanguru recently introduced a "cloud edition" of its Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC). We took this turn-key public cloud service for a test drive, managing a pair of AES-encrypted Kanguru Defender Elite (KDE) thumb drives.

Getting Started

When a business tackles thumb drive security, many "big picture" questions must be answered. Should one unified console be used to manage desktop, laptop, and thumb drive encryption? Should software be used to encrypt drives from anywhere or should hardware-encrypted drives be sourced from a single manufacturer?

To this end, KRMC is narrowly-targeted at Kanguru's line of encrypted thumb drives only. Specifically, KRMC Cloud Edition remotely manages Kanguru Defender Elite ($49.59/1GB) and Defender V2 ($39.95/1GB) drives used on Windows PCs. Those who need to encrypt and manage multi-vendor drives or support other OS's must look elsewhere. But for KDE customers, KRMC Cloud Edition is an easy way to enforce policy compliance on otherwise standalone devices with minimal investment.

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