Mobile Management Software: Using AirWatch Enterprise Package to Oversee Smartphones

A hands-on evaluation of AirWatch Mobile Device Management Enterprise Package services that help mobile IT provision, track and enforce policies and programs on iPhones, Windows Mobile devices and Android handsets.

AirWatch Mobile Device Management Enterprise Package v5.11
List Price: $6/month per managed device

No matter who owns them, unsecured iPhones, Android-based smartphones, and Windows Mobile devices can jeopardize business credentials and data. IT-issued BlackBerrys have long been popular because employers could enforce strong security on them. But increasingly, workers are using their own consumer smartphones for business, forcing employers to consider alternative acquisition, management, and security strategies.

Some businesses squeeze these "employee-liable" smartphones into Microsoft Exchange, using ActiveSync (EAS) to check a few settings or invoke remote wipe. However, comprehensive control requires much more -- specifically, a versatile Mobile Device Manager (MDM) that can provision, track and enforce policies and programs on many different kinds of smartphones, independent of ownership.

Several enterprise MDMs can do this job today, with varied success. But sorting out what each can and cannot do for a rapidly-changing device population is tough; back-end infrastructure and network integration can be daunting. To help new customers get going faster, AirWatch recently announced a trio of turn-key on-line MDM packages, offering 60-day free trials for up to 50 smartphones. Here's what we found when we took AirWatch up on that offer.

AirWatch is no device management newbie. Parent company Wandering WiFi manages 30,000 access points at 8,000+ commercial hotspots. And AirWatch software already runs on custom servers and dedicated appliances at customer sites and AirWatch data centers, managing hundreds of thousands of mobile devices. These WLAN and WWAN device management offerings are supported 24/7 by AirWatch's Atlanta NOC.

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