Mobile Security Review: AirWatch MDM for iOS 4

Mobile management needs a way to oversee the surge of iPhones, iPads and iPod touches -- and the mobile apps that run on them -- that are making their way into the office. The new version of AirWatch designed for Apple device management has interfaces designed to work with the iOS4 mobile operating system, making it easier for mobile IT to supervise and secure all the employee-owned Apple mobile devices.

iPhones and iPads are flooding the workplace, threatening to dislodge IT-issued BlackBerrys and netbooks. As a result, IT groups need fast-yet-effective ways to secure employee-liable devices. One solution: AirWatch Enterprise MDM for Apple iOS4, a Mobile Device Manager (MDM) that can be purchased as a cloud service.

Back in July, we tested AirWatch Enterprise v5.11, focusing on its ability to track, trouble-shoot, and provision Windows Mobile phones -- see part one of this review. At the time, AirWatch could track iPhones, but more was expected in iOS4.

In part two, we review AirWatch Enterprise MDM using new iOS4 interfaces to manage iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches. Although these features took awhile to mature, they were well worth the wait. Using this Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), any IT group can deliver rich remote management for iOS4 devices -- and the apps that run on them -- with little effort. But there's a caveat: this service is a continuing work-in-progress.

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Review: AirWatch Enterprise MDM for Apple iOS 4


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