Scalefusion: Mobile Device Management Software Review

Scalefusion, formerly known as MobiLock Pro, is a mobile device management (MDM) solution that also features other network and device management tools.  

MDM, whether it is used on a standalone basis or within a larger enterprise mobility management (EMM) or unified endpoint management (UEM) program, has become an important enterprise oversight tool. Enterprises use MDM when they need to maintain tight control over devices employees use in the course of their work. This can include smartphones, tablets, laptops, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and more. 

MDM is sometimes used within an enterprise’s bring your own device (BYOD) policy, but it is often used in connection with company-issue devices. Scalefusion is an example of an MDM solution that is especially useful in the latter scenario. 

This review will tell you all about Scalefusion:

Mobile device management (MDM) software

MDM solutions are focused on containerization, where work-related data is encrypted and processed inside siloed containers versus allowing the data to mix in with personal user data. MDM can also be used to lockdown devices to restrict employees from performing certain behaviors, visiting specific websites or accessing specific apps. 

Common MDM features include:

  • Mobile device tracking

  • Mobile device inventory tools

  • Remote service management

  • Passcode security features

  • Application permission interface

Scalefusion features

Scalefusion allows IT managers to monitor device usage on Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10 devices from a cloud-based platform. The software locks devices into a kiosk mode, which replaces the device’s built-in home screen with a display that limits users to the apps and websites permitted by enterprises. 

Other features include:

  • Ability to both block and whitelist individual websites

  • Browser address bar hidden, preventing general access to the web

  • Single interface for monitoring and updating devices

  • Customizable kiosk interface, including enterprise branding

  • Remote document and file delivery

  • Customizable APK features

  • Device location tracking

  • Security incident notification

  • Remove troubleshooting

  • Video chat helpdesk option

A screenshot of Scalefusion's device inventory interface. Photo via Scalefusion.

A screenshot of Scalefusion's device inventory interface. Photo via Scalefusion.

Scalefusion integrations 

In addition to enterprise mobile management software like Apple Business Manager and Android Enterprise, Scalefusion integrates with several other popular apps and software that offer features like single sign-on and EMM management, including:

  • Okta

  • Azure AD

  • Office 365 AD

  • G Suite

  • Jira

  • Freshservice

Scalefusion can also integrate with or support other tools that use REST, JSON-encoded responses and HTTP response codes and authentication.

Scalefusion benefits

MDM gives enterprises control over how employees use devices to handle work tasks. For many enterprises, it complements existing policies around mobile device usage, offering benefits over ad hoc approaches that use a variety of tools to manage mobile device fleets. This is certainly true for Scalefusion, where the primary benefit is centralizing and beefing up mobile device oversight. Other key benefits include:

  • Built-in scalability tools

  • Lifecycle management features, including cloud-based device provisioning

  • Quick enrollment for newly added devices

A screenshot of Scalefusion's app blacklisting interface. Photo via Scalefusion.

A screenshot of Scalefusion's app blacklisting interface. Photo via Scalefusion.

Scalefusion use cases

As mentioned, MDM is primarily used as a solution for centralizing the management of mobile devices used in connection with employee roles. The primary use case is organizing the oversight of these scenarios and improving visibility into employee mobile device usage. 

Scalefusion is especially helpful for companies that need to issue devices to front line workers while restricting access to non-work related data and apps. The software can be used to lock users out of everything on a device apart from the tools, websites, and tasks designated by employers. 

For example, workers who need to access inventory databases can be set up with devices locked down with Scalefusion. These workers can find what they need but are unable to access time or data-wasting distractions.

User reviews of Scalefusion

Here are some aggregated scores for Scalefusion from several online tech review sites:

Review Site




Gartner Peer Insights






Users commonly mention a few pros and cons about Scalefusion.



Good service team

Sometimes laggy

Easy to use dashboard

Issues with whitelisting

Kiosk feature for field-based workers

Could use more customization options

Scalefusion pricing

Scalefusion is available at three subscription levels:

  • Starter with basic features

  • Business adds scalability features

  • Enterprise adds endpoint management features




$2.00/device per month, billed annually


$3.00/device per month, billed annually


$4.00/device per month, billed annually

Scalefusion competitors

The global MDM market is set to reach a value of $12.1 billion by 2027, according to Global Industry Analysts.

This figure will represent an annual growth rate of 19.7 percent since 2020. China and the U.S. lead the MDM market, followed by Japan and Canada. 

Global Industry Analysts identifies several key players in the MDM market, including:

  • 42Gears Mobility Systems 

  • BlackBerry

  • Citrix Systems

  • IBM

  • Microsoft

  • Mitsogo

  • MobileIron

  • SAP

  • Sophos 

  • SOTI

  • VMware


Scalefusion is a robust but simple to use tool for companies that need to restrict and monitor employee device usage. While it can be used with employee-owned devices, the software’s real strength lies in its kiosk lockout mode, installed on corporate-owned devices. IT managers can manage multiple MDM devices from a single location and greatly improve security and productivity by restricting employee access to problematic websites and apps. 

User reviews for Scalefusion are effusive, with many reviewers noting that the platform has significantly improved device management. Users also appreciate a streamlined design and solid customer support when it is needed. Enterprises seeking a better mobile device management solution should strongly consider Scalefusion.

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