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UN Approves Super Fast Mobile Technology

Smartphones and tablets will be about 500 times faster, thanks to new wireless standards

Is the iPhone 4S Siri a Data Hog?

Apple's Siri may eat into your data plan

Connection Problems for Verizon 3G iPad 2 Users?

BGR: Some users on Apple’s discussion forums seem to think Verizon's 3G version of the iPad 2 has connection problems.

Windows 7 Phone Bug Costing Users Cash

The Register: Microsoft checking into reports that Windows Phone 7 may be inadvertently transmitting large chunks of data over carrier networks.

Sprint: Latest MiFi 4G Capable

Mobile Burn: New Novatel Wireless MiFi portable hotspot device features both 3G and 4G data connectivity.

AT&T Blames 'Software Defect' for Slow iPhone Upload Speeds

Carrier promises a fix and says capping wasn't to blame for reports of upload speeds at a fraction of what users expected for the mobile device.

First iPhone 4 Arrivals Are Benchmarked and Dissected

Early arrivals mean some bloggers get to do tests, benchmarks, and in one case, a tear-down. Maybe they'll make a phone call with the thing, too.

Apple WWDC: iPhone 4 Coming June 24

Jobs takes the wraps off a phone that still had a few surprises despite multiple leaks on the next-generation iPhone.

Last Days for Apple's iPhone 3GS? Signs Point to Yes

In a mirror of previous years' steps, the current iPhone 3GS shifts to "its-days-are-numbered" status.

Apple Sells 300k iPad 3G Units, But Streaming Mobile App Limits Reported

The iPad is off to a faster start than the iPhone, but users are noticing a strange inconsistency between Wi-Fi and 3G mobile apps.

AT&T, Apple Optimizations Improve iPhone Performance

Turns out some of the problems with the iPhone were related to how it interacted with the AT&T network, according to a report, so engineers have set about fixing the issue.

Verizon Wireless 4G Handsets Coming Mid-2011

The nation's largest wireless carrier continues its aggressive push to deploy 4G by pushing up the release date of its next-generation handsets.

Google Cuts Nexus One Upgrade Price, But Sales Slow

It's only good if you are an existing T-Mobile customer, but for some, it could be a cheaper route to one of the hot smartphones of the moment.

3G Glitches Zap Nokia's N5800 Smartphone

It's the latest problem to affect the current crop of high-speed smartphones.

Tip: iPhone — Bluetooth Goes South with Software 2.1

iPhone user resolves problem pairing first-gen model with Bluetooth peripherals after firmware upgrade.