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Google Tightens Mobile Security

Mobile IT and Google Apps administrators now have new mobile device management options for iPhone, Nokia and Windows Mobile devices. But what about Android devices?

Tip: Smartphone — How to Set Up a Redfly

Setting up the Redfly, the laptop-like companion for smartphones, is quick and easy.

Tip: Windows Mobile — Addressing COM Port Error With ActiveSync

Once your Windows Mobile device has been paired with a PC, the two should sync whenever they are connected (via USB or Bluetooth). Sometimes, though, changes to your system (either the PC or the smartphone) can lead to sync problems.

Tip: Windows Mobile — Manage Your ActiveSync Settings

How to influence what data gets transferred between your PC and Windows Mobile.

Tip: Ready to Upgrade Your Moto Smartphone?

Motorola provides system upgrades to devices that are still in warranty. It's a somewhat laborious process, though, so make sure you've got a real need for it (faster functioning, compatibility with some new app you want to download, etc.).

Tip: Windows Mobile — Using ActiveSync to Reinstall Software

By installing applications and data through ActiveSync you're giving yourself a backup plan in case of catastrophe.