Device Index Android 2.2

Taking Care of Business with 12 Great Android Apps for Enterprise Users

A dozen Android apps for mobile office workers covering document management, travel planning, expenses, dictation, scanning and more.

Android 2.2 Droid X Update Causing SMS Bug

Droid X owners finally join the coveted group of smartphone users running Android 2.2 but report the update generates SMS sorting glitch.

HTC Updates Sense UI and Preps Portal, HD Desire and Desire Z Android Phones

HTC adds two new Android 2.2 phones to its fleet, shows off an updated Sense interface and plans to launch an accompanying Web service.

First HSPA+ Handset Debuts, T-Mobile G2 Running Android 2.2

T-Mobile today introduced the first handset to run on its HSPA+ network, the G2, which ships with Android 2.2 and a slew of Google apps and services.

Mobile Security: 20 Great Android Apps

We highlight 20 Android security apps that will help mobile IT protect data and devices.

Froyo Five-pack of Android Tablets from Archos

The portable media player firm preps five Android 2.2 tablet PCs for release this fall ranging from $199 to $349.

Android 2.2 Update Goes Awry

Vague deadlines, missing features, rogue ROMS and fragmentation plague the Android 2.2 rollout currently underway for the Droid , Droid X and other handsets running the mobile Linux OS.

Top 10 Features of Froyo, Android 2.2

With the upcoming release of the Droid X and Android 2.2, it appears the key to the Linux mobile platform's continued success is enterprise adoption.

10 Reasons Why Mobile IT Needs to Prepare for Android

We offer expert analysis on why mobile computing smartphones running on Google's Linux-based Android OS are going to seriously challenge both the iPhone and BlackBerry.

Is Linux-Based Android 2.2. Ready for the Enterprise?

An overview of Android 2.2 features in the context of what they mean for mobile IT departments.

Google Taps Flash for Google TV, Supercharges Android With Froyo

Company exec slams Apple over Flash ban while the search giant also debuts Web-friendly Google TV. Plus, Linux-based Android 2.2 officially unveiled.

Next-Gen Android OS Gingerbread Due Q4, Froyo 2.2 Today

Google's Linux-based Android mobile OS says, "Catch me if you can" to wireless industry: follow-up to Froyo 2.2, dubbed Gingerbread, is due out in Q4.