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BlackBerry Style Ready to Flip Out on Halloween

RIM and Sprint's much-anticipated flip smartphone will run BlackBerry 6, includes built-in GPS and Wi-Fi and will cost $99 after rebate.

Next Steps for RIM Beyond Torch, BlackBerry 6

RIM needs to fully leverage its recent acquisitions to remain competitive, plus add some key components to its ecosystem to complete its makeover.

Top 10 BlackBerry OS 6 Features

As RIM releases more teasers on its new mobile operating system, we outline the best of what's to come in BlackBerry OS 6 and how it all compares to rivals iOS and Android.

New BlackBerry OS 6 Preview Focuses on Rich Media

With a long-awaited OS update approaching, RIM decides to show off features that we've never before seen on its mobile computing phones.

Will Android 3.0 Gingerbread Solve Google's Fragmentation Issue?

How the changing landscape of mobile UIs is impacting mobile management and Google's efforts on addressing mobile Linux Android fragmentation with version 3.0, dubbed Gingerbread.

Mobile IT Watch: Analysts Assess BlackBerry OS 6

Wireless analysts provide insight for mobile management on what we know about the new BlackBerry OS so far, and weigh in on what RIM needs to do to stay ahead of the pack in the hotly contested smartphone sector.

Mitel-RIM Venture Brings Mobile UC to BlackBerry OS

Research In Motion and Mitel partnered up to bring the full range of Mitel's unified communications functionality to the BlackBerry smartphone.

Two New BlackBerrys: Small, Feature-Packed Handheld Computers

Research In Motion updates the BlackBerry Bold and Pearl lines, but how competitive are the new handheld computers with Apple and Android mobile devices?

LinkedIn BlackBerry App Makes Mobile Device More Social

The career-oriented social media site brings out a special mobile application for BlackBerry users.

Enterprise Apps Beyond SAP with Mowego Platform

The Mowego platform enables mobile communications and connectivity between enterprises and their workforces by meshing SAP functionality with non-SAP data, other applications and smartphones.

Microsoft's Yap Speech Recognition BlackBerry App

Microsoft adopts start up Yap's speech-to-text technology to enable Sprint's BlackBerry OS users to respond to text messages and e-mails with voice recognition mobile app.

BlackBerry Application Devs Get Push Update as Mobile App Usage Soars

Using the new push feature, BlackBerry OS developers can send up to 8KB of content in each transmission update. Plus, recent stats on mobile application downloads cite a super surge.

RIM, BlackBerry OS Out of Touch with Touchscreen Trend

Columnist Paul Rubens on why RIM needs to tackle the touchscreen trend to keep the BlackBerry in the No. 1 spot on the enterprise mobile device roster.

Android, iPhone Battling for Lusting BlackBerry OS Users

Is Research In Motion's BlackBerry OS in trouble? Survey shows BlackBerry owners coveting iPhone and Google Nexus One as BlackBerry applications suffer from low usage stats.

Pros and Cons of BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express

Want to support the BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry applications, but short on the bucks? BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express is the answer, according to one analyst, who highlights key features -- and limitations -- of the free mobile exchange service from RIM.