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Tip: Changing BlackBerry SIM Cards

How you remove a subscriber identity module (SIM) card and swap it between compatible mobile phones varies from device to device, even among BlackBerry wireless handhelds and smartphones.

Review: Telmap MapQuest Navigator

Delivers turn-by-turn walking and driving directions to users of GPS-enabled smartphones; directs you to points-of-interest, such as gas stations, restaurants and landmarks, as well.

Review: BlackBerry - Pearl 8120 & Pearl 8110

A BlackBerry Pearl with GPS? Or, perhaps, a BlackBerry Pearl with Wi-Fi? Research In Motion now offers more options in its small, sleek and multimedia-friendly smartphone.

Review: Roundup - RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8130, Palm Centro, Samsung Blast & Ace

If your old phone is showing its age and you're ready for a new style or some new features, check out these reasonably-priced choices.

Tip: BlackBerry — Organizing Applications

Step-by-step directions to organize the application folders on your BlackBerry.

Tip: BlackBerry — How to Wipe It Clean

Wiping a BlackBerry will reset it to the default settings it shipped with—clearing all user files and additional applications. It is a smart thing to do whenever you’re about to part ways with a smartphone.

Review: T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl 8120

The BlackBerry Pearl 8120 from T-Mobile is one of the most Wi-Fi-friendly mobile phones currently available to consumers.