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Tip: Smartphone - How to Print Via Bluetooth

An adaptor can give you printer access via Bluetooth to a USB or parallel printer.

Tip: Smartphone — Connect to a Redfly via Bluetooth

How to wirelessly pair your smartphone and Redfly terminal.

Tip: Windows Mobile — Addressing COM Port Error With ActiveSync

Once your Windows Mobile device has been paired with a PC, the two should sync whenever they are connected (via USB or Bluetooth). Sometimes, though, changes to your system (either the PC or the smartphone) can lead to sync problems.

Tip: Windows Mobile — Advanced Battery Conservation

What you can do to reduce power consumption.

Tip: Samsung Epix — Task (and Double-Task) Keys

Several keys along the bottom row of the Epix's keyboard — as well as series of function key combos — have both obvious and not-so-obvious purposes

Tip: Windows Mobile — Turn Your Smartphone Into a Remote

Step-by-step instructions to turn your smartphone into a remote to control your PC.

Tip: BlackBerry Flip — Music Tips

Listen to music on the BlackBerry Pearl Flip whether it's open or closed.

Tip: Ready to Upgrade Your Moto Smartphone?

Motorola provides system upgrades to devices that are still in warranty. It's a somewhat laborious process, though, so make sure you've got a real need for it (faster functioning, compatibility with some new app you want to download, etc.).

Tip: Windows Mobile — Installing Updates

Microsoft recommends that you check for Windows Mobile updates about once a month. You can do so directly from your smartphone or through your desktop.