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AT&T Subscribers Get No Satisfaction

Consumer Reports readers rank AT&T last in customer satisfaction--while a provider you may not have heard of earns the top score.

Consumer Reports Recommends iPhone 4S

The venerable consumer magazine gives the iPhone 4S some love. But despite new tests, CR still doesn't recommend the iPhone 4.

Consumer Reports Give iPad 2 Thumbs Up

BGR: Influential magazine gives Apple's tablet high marks for quality and price.

iPhone 4 Antenna-Gate: Will Apple Issue Free Bumpers?

The iPhone maker calls a press conference tomorrow while speculation swirls that Apple will offer free cases to fix reception problems.

Can Apple Withstand iPhone 4 Recall Pressure?

With venerable Consumer Reports questioning Apple's honesty and PR experts calling for a recall, will Apple eventually capitulate, swallow its pride and make it right?

Critics' Choice Review: Despite 'Consumer Reports' Dis, iPhone 4 Still Best Smartphone?

Our comprehensive roundup of evaluations of the iPhone 4 based on tech reviewers' hands-on experience with the mobile computing device.

iPhone Antenna Woes Due to Design Flaw, Try Duct Tape: Consumer Reports

The respected consumer product testing publication says the iPhone's problems aren't likely to be solved by Apple's software fix. Instead, it suggests duct tape.