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Droid Razr Review Roundup

Reviewers weigh in: Motorola’s Razr reboot is one sharp smartphone.

Ten Factors for Smartphone Success, Failure

eWeek: Why feature set matters so much in determining the success of smartphones and their platforms.

Motorola Completes Mobile Spin-Off

Venerable telecom firm finalizes long-planned separation, aiming to deliver shareholder value with stand-alone mobile devices, equipment businesses.

Strong Android Sales Help Motorola Rediscover Its Mojo

Stronger-than-expected sales of Android-based smartphones drives higher revenue, profits in third quarter.

10 Tips for Tricking Out and Optimizing your Android Smartphone

Getting the best performance out of your Android-powered handset isn't just about mobile apps. We provide 10 tips for maximizing the mobile computing power of your Android smartphone.

Microsoft Sues Motorola Over Android Smartphones

Microsoft came out swinging against Motorola on Friday when it sued for infringement of its patents.

Verizon's McAdam in Line for CEO Spot as Succession Plans Emerge

The telecom giant named Lowell McAdam as its new chief operating officer, a temporary stopover until he eventually replaces current CEO Ivan Seidenberg.

Android 2.2 Update Goes Awry

Vague deadlines, missing features, rogue ROMS and fragmentation plague the Android 2.2 rollout currently underway for the Droid , Droid X and other handsets running the mobile Linux OS.

Verizon Wireless Considering Tiered Data Plan

Like AT&T, Verizon is looking at shifting from a one-size-fits-all data plan to tiered pricing for both its current 3G services and upcoming 4G service.

Verizon, Moto Confirm Android 2.1 Droid Update

It's official: version 2.1 of the Android mobile OS is currently being rolled out to Droid smartphones.

Verizon Starts Droid Android 2.1 Rollout

Is the Android 2.1 update for the Droid coming just in time to soothe seething customer discontent?

Users Sound Off on Droid Android 2.1 Update Delay

Droid owners on Motorola's Facebook page vent about the halted Android 2.1 update as reports surface saying its European sibling, the Milestone, received the upgrade today.

Droid's Android 2.1 Update Halted

A late bug stalls the planned mobile OS update, leaving handheld owners waiting for pinch-to-zoom, voice-to-text entry and new mobile applications.

Droid Mobile OS Upgrade Slated for This Week

Motorola will begin pushing out the Android update over the airwaves at noon on Thursday to 250,000 users at a time.

Smartphone Snafu: Moto Backtracks on Droid Update

Motorola's sexy new Android smartphone is a bit behind in the mobile operating system department and users are awaiting their Android 2.1 update. Looks like someone at Moto got ahead of themselves.