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Samsung Captivate Finally Gets Platform Upgrade

Brighthand: Android OS 2.2 finally available for AT&T's Samsung Captivate smartphone.

First Impressions of Android 3.0 Honeycomb

InformationWeek: With Honeycomb, Androids makes the leap from glorified smartphone platform to a true tablet OS.

Dell Streak 5 Getting Android 2.2 Froyo

Mobile Burn: AT&T and Rogers customers finally getting platform update for their Android-run mobile device.

Over Half Android Smartphones Run Froyo

Mobile Burn: Android 2.2 Froyo is now installed on 51.8 percent of all Android smartphones.

Study: Verizon, HTC Likeliest to Deliver Android 2.2 Updates

Engadet: Verizon Wireless the most likely carrier and HTC manufacturer to update customers mobile devices the latest-and-greatest flavor of the Android OS.

Android 2.2 Headed to Pair of Samsung Smartphones

TFTS: Froyo update coming to Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S) and Continuum mobile devices in a few days.

Google Enhances Android Mobile Device Security

Android 2.2 devices gain new administrative controls giving mobile management more browser-based security options.

10 Tips for Tricking Out and Optimizing your Android Smartphone

Getting the best performance out of your Android-powered handset isn't just about mobile apps. We provide 10 tips for maximizing the mobile computing power of your Android smartphone.

Android 2.2 Droid X Update Causing SMS Bug

Droid X owners finally join the coveted group of smartphone users running Android 2.2 but report the update generates SMS sorting glitch.

Froyo Five-pack of Android Tablets from Archos

The portable media player firm preps five Android 2.2 tablet PCs for release this fall ranging from $199 to $349.

Android 2.2 Update Goes Awry

Vague deadlines, missing features, rogue ROMS and fragmentation plague the Android 2.2 rollout currently underway for the Droid , Droid X and other handsets running the mobile Linux OS.

Android 3.2 Honeycomb to Follow Gingerbread 3?

With Android 2.2, dubbed Froyo, just being served and Gingerbread 3.0 not yet released, there's already buzz about the next version of Google's mobile Linux operating system.

Droid 2 Running Android 2.2 On Tap

The Motorola Droid 2 sports improved keyboard, Wi-Fi hotspot functionality and more mobile app storage, plus is only the fourth smartphone to date to run Android 2.2, dubbed Froyo.

Android Handset Sales Beat iPhone Amid Froyo 2.2 Update Frenzy for Evo, Droid

Handsets running Google's mobile Linux system Android outsell iPhones, according to analysts, while carriers prep version 2.2 for rollout.

Top 10 Tasty Froyo Treats for Mobile App Developers

With the Linux mobile OS Android 2.2 SDK out, we highlight the top 10 features mobile app developers will want to know about.