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Gartner Predicts WP7 Will be No. 2 in 2015

In a new report on mobile phone operating systems, analysts firm Gartner sees Windows Phone as a strong second place in 2015. It's a déjà vu moment.

Report: Android Close to 50 Percent Market Share

CNET: Gartner reports that the Android operating system for mobile devices is getting close to owning nearly have the market.

Android Smartphone Sales Propel Mobile Market in Q3

As users await the mobile OS updates iOS 4.2 and Gingerbread, sales of Android devices top 20 million while Apple nurtures the developer ecosystem and courts the enterprise market, and Nokia continues to fade.

Mobile Services to Hit a Trillion Dollars by 2014

The economy may still be in the doldrums but the demand for voice and data services is exploding, a major research firm says.

Almost 20 Million Tablets to Sell This Year

The tablet market is set to take off as more challengers to the iPad prepare for launch.

Would-Be iPad Rivals Well Behind the Curve: Gartner

Computex saw a conga line of tablet prototypes come marching out, but nothing really impressed an analyst who reviewed many of the mobile computing devices.