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Images Show BlackBerry PlayBook Running Android Honeycomb

TFTS: RIM's tablet PC will already be capable of running Android applications in an emulator.

Lenovo Targets Androd Tablet for Summer

Mobile Burn: Leading laptop vendor to release an Android 3.0 tablet PC with a stylus this summer, according ot report.

Apple Accounted for 85% of Tablet Market Last Year

The Inquirer: Apple won't own the market in quite the same way in 2011.

Intel Working on Processor for Honeycomb Tablets

Mobile Burn: Expect to find Intel chips in Android-run tablets later this year.

FuzeBox Now Supports iPad 2, Android 3.0 Tablets

InformationWeek: Fuze Meeting now lets tablet users receive video within full conferencing experiences.

When Will We See All the Honeycomb Apps?

InformationWeek: Although Google's tablet flavor hit the market a month ago, there are still only a few dozen apps available Honeycomb.

Froyo Most Android OS Among Mobile Devices

Mobile Burn: Android Developers finds Android 2.2 Froyo by far most popular version of platform, Honeycomb least.

Report: Android Honeycomb Doomed

InformationWeek: No mass appeal for Google's tablet-flavored version of Android platform, according to Global Equities Research analyst.

Honeycomb 'Unstable, Poorly Designed' Says Analyst

Android 3.0, as tested on the Motorola Xoom, has a confusing UI and suffers from quality issues, says an analyst in a research note to clients.

Honeycomb Tablets Getting Google Voice

Mobile Burn: Search giant confirms that it will launch a Google Voice client for Honeycomb-flavored Android tablets.

iPad 2 Not an Enterprise Slam Dunk?

Analyst says Apple missed an opportunity to push out would-be tablet competitors in the enterprise.

First Impressions of Android 3.0 Honeycomb

InformationWeek: With Honeycomb, Androids makes the leap from glorified smartphone platform to a true tablet OS.

Motorola Xoom Now Available

BGR: The first tablet PC to run on Google's Honeycomb (Android 3.0) platform is now available for purchase.

Acer Set to Roll Out Pair of Honeycomb Tablets

The Inquirer: The first of what will likely be many tablet PCs to run on the latest edition of Google's Android platform coming from Acer in April.

CES: Motorola Makes Honeycomb Tablet Official

Engadget: The Xoom mobile device headed to Verizon during the first quarter, ugradeable to 4G in the second.