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iPad Slips, Microsoft Gains as Tablet Market Growth Slows: IDC

While off its lofty highs, the tablet market is expected to continue to make gains thanks to business demand, albeit slower.

Android Dominated the Mobile OS Market in 2014: IDC

Google and Apple accounted for over 96 percent of all smartphone shipments last year, with the former leading the pack.

Mobile Apps Will Heat up to 'Staggering' Levels in 2011: IDC

The impact of cloud computing and an explosion of device options will push mobile computing to new levels in the coming year.

Apple Vaults Into Top 5 Among Mobile Phone Vendors

Incredible demand for the iPhone has propelled Apple into the No. 4 spot among worldwide mobile phone makers, a feat that underscores the rapid growth of the worldwide smartphone market.

iPhone 4 Woes Spook iPhone Owners More Than Would-Be Buyers

A survey by IDC done at the height of "Antennagate" finds non-iPhone owners are more interested in the device than people who have one.

iPhone, Android Boost Smartphone Market

Smartphones are rapidly outpacing the overall growth of the mobile market, and the segment has two names to thank for that: Apple and Android.