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Good Technology, Sprint Offering Android Mobile Device Management

Mobile management firm Good Technology and Sprint are partnering up to provide mobile security and messaging tools for Android devices.

Dell Introduces Mobile Device Management Services

The made-to-order PC maker continues its transformation from vendor to IT services company with a portfolio of six mobile management services.

5 Key Emerging Trends in the Mobile Cloud Sector

Mobile cloud computing is a hot new trend that's still in its infancy -- but it's not too early for mobile management get up to speed on the pertinent issues impacting this development.

Analyst Perspective: Evaluating an Individual-Liable Mobile Device Policy

Analyst offers insight on the two key drivers pushing mobile management to consider implementing individual-liable device policies as well as perspective on the future of the trend and how it impacts the enterprise.

Mobile and Wireless Dominate CES 2010

Are desktop computers fading away as the mobile phenomenon takes off? One industry watcher thinks so.

It's Official: Windows Mobile 7 to Come in 2010

Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphones may not be available until the fourth quarter of this year, but now many users may skip it.

BlackBerry Bold Too Hot to Handle in Japan

It seems that recharging Research in Motion's BlackBerry Bold can be a touchy issue.

Nokia Seeks Volunteers for Cutting Labor Costs

Top mobile handset player avoids layoffs in lieu of new workforce approaches.

Tip: How to Clear Everything From Your Windows Mobile

When you're ready to pass that old smartphone device down to your eager teenager, or you've been asked to hand it in to your company's IT department, you're going to want to remove all your own data.

Windows Mobile 6.5: A Farewell to the Stylus

Microsoft says the upgrade to its mobile operating system will better accommodate fingers

The Well-Prepared Mobile Superhero

Paul Chin details the best gear for the mobile writer.

Tip: BlackBerry Flip — Going Home

The default MyFaves screen of the clamshell smartphone does not include an icon to get you to the standard BlackBerry home screen.

Tip: iPhone — Melodis Releases Free Voice Dialer

Instead of scrolling through your address book manually, this new application allows you to find and call a contact using only the sound of your voice.

Tip: BlackBerry — Task List Options

RIM posts tutorial on how to put your smartphone's to-do feature to best use.

Mobile Phones Hazardous to Haircuts?

You might want to stay off your cell phone the next time your sit down in your barber's chair.