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Intel Ramping up for Ultrabook Revolution

The chip giant is moving forward with its next generation of server and desktop processors.

Intel Working on Processor for Honeycomb Tablets

Mobile Burn: Expect to find Intel chips in Android-run tablets later this year.

Intel, AMD Sets Sights on Tablets, Smartphones

eWeek: Intel and AMD gearing up to take on ARM in the burgeoning tablet and smartphone spaces.

Intel Eyeing Infineon's Wireless Chip Unit?

A purchase of the Infineon chipset would give Intel a one-stop mobile phone offering and put it on a collision course with Qualcomm.

Intel Preparing Native x86 Version of Android 2.2

The chip giant remains determined to get involved in the mobile Linux-based device market with its Atom processor.

MeeGo 1.0 Arrives for Linux Netbooks

First official release of the joint Intel-Nokia mobile Linux effort blends their respective Moblin and Maemo projects.

Intel Seeks Overturn of Psion 'Netbook' Trademark

Chipmaker is asking a court to overturn a term that has become widely and generically used after Psion began sending C&D letters.

Review: Lenovo's S10e Linux Ideapad

People have been wanting something like a netbook ever since we can remember, even way back in the last millennium. But hardware costs made them unattractive. Now we're tripping over netbooks every time we turn around, and have a wealth of attractive choices. Here, we take the Lenovo Ideapad, loaded with SUSE Linux, for a test drive.

Three iPhone Killers: Netbooks, MID, Andriod

The top three iPhone competitors pose a threat to Apple, but may need a product generation or two to realize their full potential.

Why Are PCs and Gadgets So Slow? (Who's Breaking Moore's Law?)

Sure, they get a little faster and a little cheaper, but nothing like the performance and price gains the pundits and vendors promise.

Overview: Netbook Smackdown - Compare the Six Top Netbooks

The netbook race is on, with units from Asus, Acer, HP, Dell, Lenovo and MSI. Who makes the best netbook?

Intel, ARM, nVidia Show Off Mobile Chops in Barcelona

Major chipmakers aren't letting the economy drag them down. Instead, they're plotting the next generation of mobile devices.

Security: Plug Those Bluetooth Inspired Vulnerabilities

At the same time Bluetooth conveniently wirelessly connects PDAs and smartphones to a plethora of other devices, including desktop & laptop computers and headsets, the technology can open them up to mischief or worse.