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Kindle: New York Times Kindle App Includes Pay Site

BGR: Kindle owners with subscriptions to The New York Times get Web content at no extra charge.

Android, Windows Tablets Getting Kindle App

CNET: Amazon plans to release a version of its Kindle app for tablets running Google's Android and Microsoft's Windows operating systems.

E-Reader Buyer's Guide: Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Daily Edition, iPad

E-reader expert offers all you need to know about pricing, connectivity and features for the new family of e-readers out for the holidays.

Amazon Signs With E Ink for New, Brighter E-Reader Display

Amazon is the first customer for E Ink Pearl, which will offer the next generation of electronic paper display in a new Kindle DX e-reader.

Amazon Kindle Update Connects to Facebook and Twitter

Free firmware update for Amazon's mobile device also adds password protection, new fonts and "Collections" for organizing your books and documents.

Amazon Offers Free Kindle BlackBerry Application

The online retail giant just made the BlackBerry OS even sweeter by introducing a mobile app for Kindle.

Urban Airship Leverages In-App Push Services on iPhone

Push notification services take off on the iPhone. Now, fresh off a round of venture funding, the company is eyeing the iPad, the mobile enterprise and other platforms such as Android.

Amazon Wants Kindle Apps, Releases SDK

Is someone feeling a little heat from a product not even on the market?

Kindle DX Jumps the Border

Amazon is sharing its Kindle e-reader love by offering large-screen version in 100 countries.

Huge Ramp Up for Mobile CE Devices: Report

How much does ABI Research expect mobile consumer electronics device shipments to grow?

Kindle Sales On Fire

Amazon's Kindle still remains the preeminent device in the exploding e-reader sector.

Amazon Backtracks on Kindle Voice Feature

But differences over copyright implications still remain unsolved.

Kindle's Feeling Reviewers' Love

Just a few experts take issue with cost and are enamored with controversial audio feature.