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No webOS 2.0 for Palm Pre, Pixi

Brighthand: HP mobile division head Jon Rubinstein has bad news for current Palm Pre and Pixi owners.

HP Unveils TouchPad on webOS

The tablet device based on Palm's mobile operating system adds to the cavalcade of recent tablet introductions.

Rumor: Palm Working on New Tablet

PC World: Tablet called PalmPad may debut at CES next month.

Palm Chief Talks Up New webOS Mobile Devices in the Pipeline

Jon Rubinstein, the former CEO of Palm, revealed a bit aboutPalm's future direction as part of HP.

HP Rolls Out Updated webOS 2.0, Palm Pre 2

HP finally releases the update to its mobile operating system software but is it too little, too late for mobile management and mobile app developers?

Microsoft Licenses Palm Patents

Just days before Microsoft launches its make or break smartphone operating system, Windows Phone 7, the company says it licensed some Palm technology.

What's Behind HP's 'PalmPad' Trademark Application?

The rumors of a webOS-powered tablet are starting to look more realistic.

Will webOS Printers from HP Take PCs Out of Print Loop?

The HP CEO hints that printers running Palm's mobile Linux webOS may be able to connect directly to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

HP to Release a webOS Mobile Computing Tablet in Q3?

An unlikely source say yes, but analysts are skeptical, even at the notion Palm had a mobile computing tablet already in the works.

HP Axes Windows 7 Mobile Computing Tablet Ballmer Hyped at CES: Report

Is HP giving up on the Slate device Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer showed at CES because of power issues or the company's blockbuster acquisition of Palm?

Palm Handhelds Saved by HP Acquisition

HP buys the struggling smartphone-maker for $1.2 billion. How does this all fit in with HP's overall mobile device strategy?

HTC Backs Out of Palm Buy, Lenovo In?

The Tawain-based phone giant was widely viewed as the likely buyer of Palm. But now speculation turns to Lenovo, or Palm toughing it out on its own.

Palm Handhelds Pre, Pixi Dropped from RadioShack

The latest blow for the smartphone company in its fight for survival is the loss of more than 4,000 retail outlets. Will the flagship Palm handhelds succeed?

Palm Seen Struggling to Find a Buyer, Keep Staff

The departure of the head of Palm's webOS development team is a bad sign, according to investment bank UBS. What else about the mobile device maker has the analysts concerned?

Palm Hires Bankers to Explore Sale of Company

With too many competitors for its Pre/Pixi, the venerable phone maker looks for an appropriate suitor to help it survive. Which vendor would be the best choice?