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Palm Hires Bankers to Explore Sale of Company

With too many competitors for its Pre/Pixi, the venerable phone maker looks for an appropriate suitor to help it survive. Which vendor would be the best choice?

Google's Nexus One a Relative Bargain?

Versus the iPhone and Droid, consumers could save over $1,000 with a two-year T-Mobile service contract for the Nexus One.

Review: Can the Pre Bring Palm to Profitability?

Palm's first release running on the company's new webOS platform debuts.

Bettering Your Mobile MySpace

Redesigning MySpace for mobile devices should improve its usability in the hand. It will also mean many of the new elements from the main site's recent updates will function on smartphones.

Sprint Posts $1.6B Loss As Subs Exit

Third-place carrier is banking on Palm Pre to stem subscriber drain.

O'Reilly Releasing Palm webOS Programming Guide

Tome aims to help developers get cracking on creating third-party software for Palm’s upcoming Pre smartphone. You can already read the first chapter online. In related news, it looks like Palm’s gearing up to support Adobe Flash technology with the webOS.