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No webOS 2.0 for Palm Pre, Pixi

Brighthand: HP mobile division head Jon Rubinstein has bad news for current Palm Pre and Pixi owners.

Palm Hires Bankers to Explore Sale of Company

With too many competitors for its Pre/Pixi, the venerable phone maker looks for an appropriate suitor to help it survive. Which vendor would be the best choice?

Palm's Poor Quarter Raises Concerns About Its Survival

The Palm handhelds, the Pre and Pixi, won admiration due to their hot technology, but that hasn't converted into sales. What can the company do to survive the onslaught of rivals such as the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry?

Palm's Next Big Move Put On Hold

Palm's long-term success could very well rely on the vast customer base of Verizon to help prop up its new webOS-based handsets, so what's keeping the Pixi off the nation's No. 1 carrier?