Device Index Samsung Epix

Tip: Samsung Epix — Opening Data Doors With Wi-Fi

How to manage Wi-Fi connections with Samsung's heir to the BlackJack and BlackJack II.

Tip: Samsung Epix — Vibrate Shut-off & Lock/Unlock

Out of the box, the Windows Mobile-run Samsung Epix is set to vibrate whenever you tap the screen, which can be kind of annoying.

Tip: Samsung Epix — Changing SIM Cards

To insert or remove the SIM card in the Samsung Epix is refreshingly easy.

Tip: Samsung Epix — Using the Camera/Camcorder Features

How to quickly access and use the Windows Mobile's camera for picture and video.

Tip: Samsung Epix — Handy Currency & Metric/English Conversions

Epix's Organizer application is for more than just keeping things organized. It includes some handy utilities as well.

Tip: Samsung Epix — Task (and Double-Task) Keys

Several keys along the bottom row of the Epix's keyboard — as well as series of function key combos — have both obvious and not-so-obvious purposes

Tip: Samsung Epix — Getting Out of Standby Mode

The Samsung Epix defaults to the Power button to wake it up from standby mode. You can change that, however.

Tip: Samsung Epix — Resetting the Smartphone

A work-around for when you need to perform a hard reset but don't know the Windows Mobile's reset password.

Tip: Samsung Epix — Managing the Epix's Epic Finger Mouse

The Windows Mobile–run Samsung Epix is the first smartphone available in the U.S. with a built-in optical mouse.

Review: Samsung Epix - A BlackJack Replacement

For happy Samsung BlackJack and BlackJack II users, the Epix will definitely be an improvement on a good thing.