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Samsung Galaxy Tab to Debut on Sprint Nov. 14

Billed as a credible competitor to Apple's iPad, the Android Samsung Tab is coming soon to Sprint with a subsidy and contract requirements, while Best Buy is rumored to be in line to retail the mobile computing device.

Critics' Choice: First Hands-on Assessments of Samsung Galaxy Tab

We provide a roundup of hands-on evaluations to ascertain if Samsung's Galaxy Tab can topple Apple's iPad from its perch in the hot Android tablet sector.

Top 11 Specs of the Samsung Galaxy Tab

We highlight the features that are generating buzz for Samsung's Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab.

Samsung's Android 2.2. Galaxy Tab Coming to All Four Carriers

The Galaxy Tab includes several features the iPad doesn't have, plus will be available on all four major U.S. networks.

Android 2.2 Samsung Galaxy Tab Suited for Enterprise?

The Froyo-fueled mobile device debuts today and already draws comparisons to the iPad, but one analyst begs to differ.