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Skype vs. Zoom: Which is Best for Working From Home?

Whether or not your team plans to work remotely in the future, video conferencing is here to stay, so it’s important to choose the best tool to fit your specific needs.

Skype Brings Video Calls Over 3G to iPhones

The Register: This development puts Apple's own Wi-Fi-only FaceTime software to shame.

Skype Video Chat Headed to Apple Devices Next Month?

PC Magazine: Rumor has it Skype will introduce a video-chat feature for its apps for Apple's mobile devices at CES.

Skype's Mobile VoIP Comes to Nokia, Symbian

Nokia's Ovi Store for mobile downloads gets a full-featured Skype mobile app that supports calling over wireless data connections.

Buyer's Guide to Mobile VoIP Services

Deploying mobile VoIP can cut costs, but given all the options, it can be a daunting task. We provide all you need to know to select the best mobile VoIP service for your enterprise.

Mobile VoIP: Verizon to Offer Unlimited Skype Calls on Network

The nation's No. 1 carrier unveils the details of a collaboration with VoIP firm Skype that was 'hiding in plain sight' for a year. Under the new partnership, the former foes are offering a mobile Skype app for Verizon's 3G smartphones.

Mobile VoIP: Skype App Coming to Verizon Smartphones?

Skype could be cooking up a client for Verizon handsets as the two former adversaries prep joint news conference for Mobile World Conference.

Skype for SIP Birthed From Limited Beta

Skype is making inroads into the enterprise as its latest business offering enters a new phase.