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Apple May Upgrade iPhone 5 to 8 Megapixel Camera

Brighthand: CEO of Sony indicates major camera upgrade for Apple's next smartphone.

PlayStation Phone May Arrive Sooner Than Later

Brighthand: PlayStation cell phone is a rumored hybrid gaming and phone mobile device coming in the Spring from Sony Ericsson.

Sony Makes Renewed E-Reader Push to Take On iPad

Instead of coming out with a full-blown tablet, the consumer electronics giant decides to go after one area of specialization. Will it work?

British Telecom, Sony May Be Latest in the Mobile Computing Tablet Fray

Both companies are eying the success of Apple's hot new mobile device, the iPad.

Customize Your Favorite Sony-Owned Tune into a Ringtone

Sony joins other major labels, and some independents, in reaching deal with mSpot to allow mobile users on major carrier networks to download and customize songs from the label's music vast library.