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Video: White iPhone 4

BGR: Factory white iPhone 4 with 64GB of storage and iPhone 4.

QNAP Introduces 4-Drive NAS Server

eWeek: Rack-mounted NAS server supports iSCSI target service with thin provisioning, dual Gigabit LAN ports and load-balancing.

Intel Seeks Overturn of Psion 'Netbook' Trademark

Chipmaker is asking a court to overturn a term that has become widely and generically used after Psion began sending C&D letters.

Tip: How to Clear Everything From Your Windows Mobile

When you're ready to pass that old smartphone device down to your eager teenager, or you've been asked to hand it in to your company's IT department, you're going to want to remove all your own data.

Tip: Smartphone — Using USB Storage on a Redfly

A few things to keep in mind when expanding your Redfly smartphone terminals storage capacity with an external device like a jump drive.

Tip: Windows Mobile — How Much Room Do I Have?

How to check the amount of memory you've got to store or run programs on your smartphone.

Overview: Nokia N-Gage on Ovi

What a strange trip it's been for the N-Gage. Launched several years ago as a single taco-shaped game-playing phone, the N-Gage of today has a much broader purpose: it serves as the gaming section of Nokia's Ovi suite of online services, a group of tools that are available to an ever-growing list of smartphones.