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Sybase Key to SAP's 'Unwired' Attack Plans

Known best for its big iron enterprise software, SAP says it's moving quickly to establish its mobile cred following its purchase of Sybase.

Sybase Afaria Preps for iOS 4 with Mobile Security, Mobile Management Tools

As Apple's new mobile platform iOS 4 rolls out, Sybase responds with new Afaria tools that help mobile IT with security and mobile app managment.

iPhone iOS4 Gets an Enterprise Assist From AirWatch

Mobile device management features give IT more iPhone security and configuration control. Meanwhile, Good Technology unwraps compliance solution for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Smartphone Proficiency? Ouch, U.S. Near the Bottom

The United States finished poorly among countries surveyed in their use of basic mobile technologies such as text messaging. The picture is even worse when it comes to using more advanced services, for example, mobile e-commerce and social media.