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More Than 350,000 Android Phones Activated Daily

BGR: Many are saying Google's Android platform is now th world's top mobile operating system.

Nokia Wants Developers to Keep Developing Symbian Apps

The Register: Cell-phone giant pleads with coders to keep building apps for smartphones running Symbian and Qt platforms, in spite of its commitment to Windows Phone 7.

Nokia: Windows Phone 7 Will Anchor Its Smartphones

Microsoft and Nokia announce a deal that may give the software maker's mobile operating system the boost it needs to remain a contender in the smartphone race.

Major Shake-Up Headed Nokia's Way

CNET: Nokia may ditch its new MeeGo operating system for Windows Phone or Android.

Analyst's Letter Sparks Nokia, Microsoft Rumors

A European stock analyst publishes an "open letter" to the heads of Nokia and Microsoft. His message: use Windows Phone 7 on Nokia smartphones and maybe strike gold.

Symbian Loses Top-Dog Status to Android-Run Smartphones

PC Magazine: Canalys reports that shipments of smartphones with Android surpassed the Symbian OS in the fourth quarter.

Nokia Getting Little U.S. Love

The Register: Deal with AT&T for an exclusive deal to market Nokia's new X7 smartphone falls through at last minute, according to a report.

Microsoft in Talks with Nokia on Windows Phone 7?

hook up between Microsoft and Nokia might give Microsoft a better chance to be a dominant player in the smartphone market.

Android Leads Smartphone Sales Surge in 2Q: Gartner

Smartphone sales rocketed up more than 50 percent from the year-ago quarter and now represent 19 percent of all handsets sold worldwide, according to Gartner.

Nokia N-Series Phones Shifting From Symbian to MeeGo

Symbian isn't dead but it did lose one of Nokia's better-known platforms.

Microsoft's Office Communicator Arrives for Nokia Phones

Microsoft delivers a version of its Office Communicator Mobile united communications client for Nokia Symbian-based smartphones. Is this a sign the tenuous alliance between the two firms will survive?

Nokia's Mobile OS Symbian Goes Open Source

The mobile operating system Symbian is now available as an open source platform.

Outlook Hazy for Nokia's Chances in Notebooks

It's not like we're hurting for choices in the mobile PC space, but analysts see some hope in the Finnish phone leader's flirtations with entering a new market.

Mobile App Market Complex for Developers

Various mobile OS formats provide lots of choices for consumers and steer clear of monopolistic platform battles -- like for the desktop in the 1990s -- but they give software developers a headache.

WebEx Conferencing, Collaborating Goes Mobile

Symbian, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices will be WebEx compatible by April, allowing meeting participants to fully access to presentations, audio and video from those types of smartphones.