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Sync RockMelt for iPhone with Mac, PC Web Content

eWeek: RockMelt allows users to port all of their RockMelt Facebook and Twitter feeds desktop to their iPhone.

Qik Launches Video Connect iPhone App

BGR: Mobile app easily lets you share video on Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter Updates iOS App with to Quell Quick Bar Outrage

BGR: Much maligned feature placed a semiopaque banner with ads and trends users’ main Twitter timelines.

MDaemon Messaging Server for SMBs, Twitter Update for BlackBerrys on Tap

The new BlackBerry edition of RIM's Windows-based messaging and wireless server offers synchronization, security, IT policy management and control features for small businesses. Plus, an update to Twitter for BlackBerry.

Google Tweets: Gingerbread Release Imminent

Rockin' rumors, tweet, tweet! Google on Twitter teases release of next-gen Android, Gingerbread, while a separate mini-missive taps Motorola for first Honeycomb Android tablet.

Twitter Details Mobile Growth, Third-Party Client Use

The social media service talks up its growing attraction to mobile users which now has over 145 million registered users.