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Secure Your USB Keys With NZXT Bunker

PC Magazine: NZXT's Bunker fits in a 5.25-inch drive bay to secure as many as our thumbdrives.

Mobile Security Tips for Encrypting USB Flash Drives

Flash drives are super convenient for transferring data, but to ensure they don't create a mobile security crisis, we outline steps for encrypting USB drives.

Tip: Smartphone — Connect to a Redfly via Bluetooth

How to wirelessly pair your smartphone and Redfly terminal.

Tip: Windows Mobile — Addressing COM Port Error With ActiveSync

Once your Windows Mobile device has been paired with a PC, the two should sync whenever they are connected (via USB or Bluetooth). Sometimes, though, changes to your system (either the PC or the smartphone) can lead to sync problems.

Tip: Windows Mobile — Try a Smaller PDF Reader

Adobe Reader is often more robust than what you need on-the-go, and it can slow down a system. Try Foxit Reader for Windows Mobile instead.

Tip: Ready to Upgrade Your Moto Smartphone?

Motorola provides system upgrades to devices that are still in warranty. It's a somewhat laborious process, though, so make sure you've got a real need for it (faster functioning, compatibility with some new app you want to download, etc.).

Tip: Windows Mobile — Installing Updates

Microsoft recommends that you check for Windows Mobile updates about once a month. You can do so directly from your smartphone or through your desktop.