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Motorola Delivering Wi-Fi Only Xoom Later This Month

InformationWeek: Android 3.0 Honeycomb-based tablet to soon become available in a Wi-Fi only configuration.

AT&T Okay with iOS 4.3 Hotspot Feature

BGR: The feature, which allows iPhoners to leverage their smartphone as a conduit to the Internet will cost $45 a month, however.

iPhones to Get Personal Hotspot Feature

BGR: iOS 4.3 to allow iPhoners to turn their mobile device into MiFi-like gadgets.

iPod Touch Due for High-Res Camera and Video Chat?

The next iPod Touch, expected later this year, will gain one of the most talked about features in the iPhone 4, says one UK retailer who cited reports from suppliers.

Fact or Fiction? Evaluating Common Wi-Fi Security Threats

Mobile security managers should be sure to know what's cause for concern -- and what isn't -- when it comes to Wi-Fi security issues.

Princeton Finds Cause of iPad Wi-Fi Woes

One of the most common problems to surface on Apple's latest mobile device, the iPad, has been the unsteady Wi-Fi connectivity, but some computer scientists at Princeton say they've figured out the problem.

Apple Delays International iPad Launch, While Israel Bans the Mobile Device

The age-old balance of supply and demand catches up with Apple, which finds itself unable to roll out the mobile computing iPad worldwide. Not that Israel cares, though: It just banned importation of the device.

Apple Addresses Wi-Fi iPad Issue, Sort Of

Owners of Apple's new mobile device are sounding off in forums with complaints over Wi-Fi glitches. What's Cupertino doing about it?

iPad Buyer's Guide: Sussing Out Six Configurations

Apple's hot handheld computer goes on sale soon, but with six models, it poses a mobile device dilemma for mobile IT staff -- and the Phil Dunphys of the world -- who want to buy an iPad. We help you select the right model.

Deploying Real-Time, Wi-Fi- Based RFID for Mobile Asset Tracking, Telehealth

A primer on the benefits of Wi-Fi-based, real-time location systems. We cover deployment, security and examples of use in mobile health care and industries requiring asset tracking.

Targeting Wireless Network Security Via Wi-Fi Threats

Rogue access points, data interception, DoS downtime -- these are all Wi-Fi threats that can spell trouble for mobile security managers. We outline our Top 10 Wi-Fi threats and offer guidance on how to protect against them.

Dynamic Duo: Two Vendor-neutral WLAN Management Services

If you are researching WLAN management applications that are vendor agnostic, consider AirWave from Aruba Networks and WiFi Manager from ManageEngine. We highlight some features from these two services.

Go VoIP to Save Cash When Mobile

Using Wi-Fi to make voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls on a smartphone has the potential to save a significant amount of money for small businesses and large enterprises alike. And thanks to the high level of integration of the technology in many devices, not to mention the variety of services out there, VoIP can start saving you cash right away.

Smartphone Security Basics for Information Officers

What should businesses do to protect their proprietary and sensitive information? In a nutshell, writes security expert Laura Taylor, there are three safeguards that IT needs to put into place at their organizations regarding smartphone security: controls, policies and training.

Beyond Basics: Enterprise Wi-Fi Lockdown

Most mobile managers know the basics of securing a corporate Wi-Fi network, but for the enterprise you need to take extra steps for security. We show you how.