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Pre-Order Google Nexus S 4G from Best Buy

Mobile Burn: The Android-run phone goes $199.99 with a new two-year agreement.

Motorola Xoom to Go 4G on Sprint

InformationWeek: Will WiMax boost the fortunes of Motorola's tablet PC?

IEEE Approves WiMAX Mobile 2 802.16m Standard

Mobile Burn: The 802.16m standard is an update to the 802.16 standard for WiMAX.

So will Sprint Say Goodbye to WiMax For LTE?

InformationWeek: If Sprint doesn't announce new WiMax equipment at CTIA, then we've got our answer.

Sprint Ships EVDO Shift 4G

Brigthand: Android OS 2.2 smartphone supports sprints WiMAX carrier network.

Samsung Cuts Price of Epic 4G Smartphone

Mobile Burn: You can now pick up the mobile device for Sprint's WiMax network for $199.99 with a new two year service agreement.

Sprint Ships HTC EVO Shift 4G

Mobile Burn: The EVO Shift is Sprint's third 4G phone for its WiMAX carrier network.

Sprint Turns On WiMAX network in San Francisco

Mobile Burn: Folks in the San Francisco Bay Area now have access to Sprint's 4G WiMAX network.

International Telecommunications Union Loosens 4G Definition

PC Magazine: 4G networks now include LTE, WiMax and HSPA+.

Clearwire Launches 4G Service in Five More Cities

Expansion brings company's mobile broadband service to Los Angeles, Miami and throughout much of Ohio.

EVO 4G Battery Life Sags Under Weight of High-Speed Network

Unless HTC can repeal the laws of physics, its EVO 4G is going to have a problem with battery life on high-speed networks. So will every other mobile computing smartphone, analysts say.

Mobile Computing, 4G Poised for Massive Growth Through 2012

Both WiMAX and LTE will explode worldwide in the coming years and coexist as they are both built out, bringing people online faster than ever.

Clearwire Could Add LTE to WiMAX Network

The nation's first 4G carrier says it's no longer limited to just WiMAX and is free to embrace the competing technology if it wants. Will it?

4G: Here It Comes, Ready or Not -- Part III

Sprint's decision to go with WiMAX makes it the odd man out. Most North American carriers here will wait for LTE (Long Term Evolution), a "true" 4G standard that won't be here for at least two years. Either way -- be it WiMAX now or LTE later on -- inexpensive, ubiquitous, high-speed connectivity should be on enterprises planning horizon. IT pros need to start thinking about the implications now and possibly even act on them.

4G: Here It Comes, Ready or Not -- Part I

The 4G era has begun. What will it mean for enterprise IT and telecom managers - beyond higher mobile wireless data speeds? It depends who you ask, and what you believe.