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Dell's Smartphone, Tablet Roadmap Leaks

Engadget: Roadmap reveals Android Ice Cream, Windows Phone 7 sliders, and even a tablet running on Windows 8.

Android, Windows Tablets Getting Kindle App

CNET: Amazon plans to release a version of its Kindle app for tablets running Google's Android and Microsoft's Windows operating systems.

Chat With Your TV on Your Phone

Mobui Audience Chat allows television broadcasters and studios to chat live with audiences on the air on their mobile devices.

It's Official: Windows Mobile 7 to Come in 2010

Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphones may not be available until the fourth quarter of this year, but now many users may skip it.

Do Android Notebooks Threaten Microsoft?

Microsoft has a number of plans to combat the growing threat from Google, including the much-discussed partnership with Yahoo.

Firm Sees iPhone as Enterprise Security Token

Forget smart cards: Charismathics says its iEnigma gives companies a way to enable two-factor authentication on their iPhone.

Tip: Windows Mobile — Removing Programs & Resetting the Verizon XV6800

How to clear data and programs off of the XV6800 smartphone from Verizon Wireless; a smartphone model based on the same HTC design as the Sprint Mogul and AT&T Tilt.

Quick Response Codes Part II - Automatic Mobile Web Access

For a few years now, Japanese consumers have been using barcode scanning software on their camera phones to automatically surf the Web while mobile. It's an idea that might seem slightly bizarre to North Americans now - but perhaps not for long.

Quick Response Codes Part III : Will North America Embrace the Technology?

Mobile visual code reading works and consumers who have used in other markets seem to like it. But is that enough to guarantee the technology will be successful here?

Why Mobile-Sync Options for Linux are Lacking

The sync tools are already out there, we just need someone to bring them together and provide a common means of making mobile synchronization available for everyone.

The Netbook OS Question: Windows XP vs. Linux

This article focuses on a couple of specific, practical things to help folks decide which operating system to go with when buying a netbook.

Netbook OS Smackdown: XP, Windows 7, and Ubuntu Face Off

What’s the best operating system for use on the new ultra-portable netbook systems? We used a Samsung NC10 netbook and three operating systems to find out.

Tip: BlackBerry — How to Get an Application's 'About' Info

When you want to know the version of an application on your Windows machine, you click the "About" menu. Here we show you how to get a similar display of app details with a BlackBerry.

Yahoo Launches Mobile Portal for iPhone

App to provide access to tools such as voice search, social networks, maps, news, and instant messaging.

Smartphones: Pocketable Endpoints or Network Backdoor?

Both actually. When evaluating endpoint security, don't neglect the "backdoor" some malware pushers are targeting.