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Nokia Debuts Windows Phones But Not Here

It's about time. Nokia introduces its first Windows Phone handsets and promises more to come -- next year.

Nokia Launches Windows Phone 7 Smartphones

Nokia introduces new Windows 7 phones at Nokia World

More Info on Next Major Windows Phone 7 Update

Brighthand: Microsoft starts talking up the next Windows Phone 7 update as it continues to struggle delivering the first one.

Gartner Predicts WP7 Will be No. 2 in 2015

In a new report on mobile phone operating systems, analysts firm Gartner sees Windows Phone as a strong second place in 2015. It's a déjà vu moment.

Jailbreak Your iPhone 4, Windows Phone 7 Handset

The Register: Apple iPhone 4 and Microsoft-run Windows Phone 7 owners can now jailbreak their mobile devices.

AT&T to Get Windows Phone 7 Update Early Next Month

Mobile Burn: Microsoft adjusts scheduled release of NoDo update for AT&T's Windows Phone 7 smartphones to early April.

HTC Set to Reveal New Products

BGR: Mobile device maker plans to show “what’s next” on April 12th.

Dell Venue Pro Owners Get NoDo Update

BGR: Windows Phone 7 upgrade to bring copy/paste and other improvements to smartphone.

Microsoft Rolls Out Windows Phone 7 Update Schedule

Brighthand: Posts loose release schedule for different versions of its Windows Phone 7 update online.

Windows Phone 7 Finally Getting Cut/Paste Update

The Register: "NoDo" update, gradually rolling out out now, brings long sort after feature and more to Microsoft's mobile operating systems.

HTC Has Two Windows Phone 7 Handsets in the Works

Brighthand: Ignite and the Prime may be the sixth and seventh Windows Phone 7 handsets from HTC.

Wild Windows Phone 7 Update Ride Continues

After suffering some complete system failures with Windows Phone 7's first update, the re-released version is still failing to install on some Samsung phones.

25 Windows Phone 7 Tips for Optimum Smartphone Performance

We outline 25 hot tips for smartphone users running the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system.

Microsoft Divulges More on Windows Phone Problems

Microsoft gives more info on bricked Windows Phones, while an enthusiasts' site claims to have a workaround for some crashed devices -- but use at your own risk.

'Small' Windows Phone Update Has Big Impact

After Microsoft quietly sent out an innocuous-seeming update to its new smartphone operating system earlier this week, some users' phones were bricked.