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Is RIM in the Market for Gist?

If rumors are true, Facebook may have some competition for remaking the social inbox.

HTC Backs Out of Palm Buy, Lenovo In?

The Tawain-based phone giant was widely viewed as the likely buyer of Palm. But now speculation turns to Lenovo, or Palm toughing it out on its own.

Palm Seen Struggling to Find a Buyer, Keep Staff

The departure of the head of Palm's webOS development team is a bad sign, according to investment bank UBS. What else about the mobile device maker has the analysts concerned?

Palm Hires Bankers to Explore Sale of Company

With too many competitors for its Pre/Pixi, the venerable phone maker looks for an appropriate suitor to help it survive. Which vendor would be the best choice?

Google Snags Plink in Mobile Search Deal

Search giant continues acquisitions bonanza with the purchase of Plink, a startup focused on visual search technology for mobile devices.