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Rumor: iPhone 5 Images Surface

BGR: Supposed images of upcoming iPhone 5 show larger screen and, thankfully, new antenna design.

iPhone 4 Woes Spook iPhone Owners More Than Would-Be Buyers

A survey by IDC done at the height of "Antennagate" finds non-iPhone owners are more interested in the device than people who have one.

iPhone Competitors Challenge Steve Jobs' Antenna Defense

One of Apple CEO Steve Jobs's defenses was that other smartphones lose signal strength when held a certain way. But RIM and others counter that the iPhone's antenna problems are unique.

Can Apple Withstand iPhone 4 Recall Pressure?

With venerable Consumer Reports questioning Apple's honesty and PR experts calling for a recall, will Apple eventually capitulate, swallow its pride and make it right?

iPhone Antenna Woes Due to Design Flaw, Try Duct Tape: Consumer Reports

The respected consumer product testing publication says the iPhone's problems aren't likely to be solved by Apple's software fix. Instead, it suggests duct tape.

Apple Owns Up to iPhone 4 Antenna Woes

The iPhone has had a defect in how it displayed signal strength since its original model, Apple admits. What can be done?