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Apple Releases Xcode Cloud and Updates App Store

Gmail iPhone App Debuts, Gets Yanked

Google released its Gmail app to the iOS App Store on Wednesday. But shortly after the app appeared in the App Store, it vanished. What gives?

Corporate 'App Stores' Gain Converts

Canalys predicts that 'enterprise app stores will redefine channel IT business over the next three years.'

Apple Wants App Store Name All to Itself

The Register: Apple sues Amazon, asserting the latter is using its "App Store" trademark without proper consent.

Twitter Updates iOS App with to Quell Quick Bar Outrage

BGR: Much maligned feature placed a semiopaque banner with ads and trends users’ main Twitter timelines.

Apple Fights Back at Microsoft's App Store Challenge

Mobile Burn: Responds to Microsoft's USPTO request to the to deny Apple a trademark for the term "App Store."

Apple Spells Out iPhone, iPad Content Subscription Terms

Although Apple is simplifying access to content, it is also strictly enforcing revenue sharing terms.

Apple App Store Hits 10 Billion Downloads

Mobile Burn: The application store for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad hits significant milestone.

Skyfire Brings Flap to iPad Through App

PC Magazine: Skyfire iPad app, that delivers Flash content to the Apple tablet now on App Store.

Apple Kills WikiLeaks Mobile App

InformationWeek: The iTunes App Store for iOS mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad no longer carries WikiLeaks application.

Google Voice Lands on iPhone

It wasn't an easy process, but after high drama and competitive sparring between the two rivals, Google's Voice service is finally available as an app for Apple's iPhone.

Yahoo Messenger for iPhone Sports Free Video Voice Calls

The new features work on the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 models via either a 3G or Wi-Fi connection.

Apple's WWDC: What's New for the iPad?

It wasn't all iPhone talk at the WWDC show, Apple also updated its iPad mobile computing tablet with some new features requested by users.

Jobs: Apple Tablet Idea Led to iPhone

Apple's CEO talks on the development of the iPad, AT&T's "issues," App Store approval complaints, and competing with Google and Microsoft.

The Hassle of iPhone Passwords

After we admit we're iPhone addicts, we need to admit we're creating easy-to-hack iPhone passwords because the device's too-tiny keyboard makes anything else a hassle. And that's a serious problem.