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Mobile Cloud Computing: Next Big Thing or Dead End - Part I

The notion of mobile computing in the cloud implies less complex development efforts to create and implement wireless applications that also require far fewer resources. But is the technology really the next big thing in enterprise mobility? Or is it an evolutionary cul-de-sac? Gerry Blackwell explores this question in a two-part series.

Smartphone Security Basics for Information Officers

What should businesses do to protect their proprietary and sensitive information? In a nutshell, writes security expert Laura Taylor, there are three safeguards that IT needs to put into place at their organizations regarding smartphone security: controls, policies and training.

Rewards Networks Brings Mobile Dining Guide to BlackBerry, iPhone

Mobile app enables you to quickly database of participating Rewards restaurants.

Google: Paid Apps for Unlocked Android a No-Go

You can still purchase software from the Android Market for the T-Mobile edition of the first 'gPhone' however.

Unlocked G1 Phones Blocked From Some Apps

A loophole in the Android dev program is now closed.

Smartphone App Success Tied to Easy Discovery

Research firm says catalog size isn't as relevant as ease of use for mobile device users.

App Turns BlackBerry Storm into an Etch-A-Sketch

Download StormSketch and use your fingers to draw on smartphone's touch screen. When you're ready to erase, just give the device a little shake.

Tip: BlackBerry — A Sale for Fans of Beejive

BeejiveIM interfaces with a variety of instant messaging services and lets you access them all from one place

Mobile App Market Complex for Developers

Various mobile OS formats provide lots of choices for consumers and steer clear of monopolistic platform battles -- like for the desktop in the 1990s -- but they give software developers a headache.

Review: Simulscribe - Read Your Voice Mail

Service transcribes voice messages and sends the text, embedded in an e-mail or SMS, to an address or wireless phone number you specify. Simulscribe could be a real boon to push e-mail users.

Review: Apple MobileMe

Now that the bugs are worked out, MobileMe delivers a smooth and seamless experience that makes using the service hassle-free for iPhone and iPod touch users.

Beejive's iPhone IM App Is Pushy

Even without its workarounds for the iPhone's push data limitations, BeejiveIM is a pretty good multi-network IM client.

Review: Egntye - Delivers Desktop to Smartphones

Egntye is a fantastically simple virtual file server targeted at small business owners. Setting it up takes only a few minutes, and we were impressed with the depth of the features.

Preview: Skyfire Browser for Windows Mobile Part II

Browsing the Web on a smartphone will likely never be quite the same as doing it from a full-size PC. Browsing with Skyfire is the next best thing, however.

Review: WMWiFiRouter -Turns Smartphones into Hotspots

Software takes your Windows Mobile's cellular-data connection and makes it available to others over Wi-Fi.