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Firm Sees iPhone as Enterprise Security Token

Forget smart cards: Charismathics says its iEnigma gives companies a way to enable two-factor authentication on their iPhone.

Tip: Windows Mobile — Browsing Full-Screen in Opera Mobile

How to launch a video in full screen from within Opera.

Preview: Skyfire Browser for Windows Mobile

Beta of new Skyfire browser shows much promise towards bringing mobile browsing closer to parity with the desktop experience.

Preview: Skyfire Browser for Windows Mobile Part II

Browsing the Web on a smartphone will likely never be quite the same as doing it from a full-size PC. Browsing with Skyfire is the next best thing, however.

Quick Response Codes Part III : Will North America Embrace the Technology?

Mobile visual code reading works and consumers who have used in other markets seem to like it. But is that enough to guarantee the technology will be successful here?