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T-Mobile to Offer Unlimited Cellular Plan

Mobile Burn: Unlimited calling, text messages and data usage to go for $79.99 per month.

FCC May Mandate Data Roaming Across US

The Register: Carriers are apparently doing their best to keep the Federal Communications Commission from implementing such as measure however.

Mobile Operators Want Their Share of Apps Revenue

Brighthand: What carriers are doing to get a cut of the billions of dollars currently making its way through mobile application storefronts.

Sprint Only Mobile Operator in U.S. with Unlimited Data Plan

Brighthand: Sprint is last of the top mobile operators in the United States to let subscribers send and receive as much data as they want.

Software Enables Android Phone Calls Sans Carrier

InformationWeek: Australian university researcher develops software that allows Android handsets to make voice calls without the help of a cell phone operator.

Study: T-Mobile Delivering Fastest 4G Data Network

Brighthand: Third-party study finds that the mobile operator offers the speediest wireless data performance in the top American markets.

Wireless Operators: Stop Loading Unwanted Software On Smartphones

InformationWeek: Mobile carriers using system updates as exuse to load unwanted software to mobile devices.

House Subcommittee to Probe Wireless Industry

Latest splash of unwelcome news for the wireless sector comes from the Hill, where House Oversight Committee subcommittee Chairman Dennis Kucinich announces a probe into debt-collection practices.

4G: Here It Comes, Ready or Not -- Part III

Sprint's decision to go with WiMAX makes it the odd man out. Most North American carriers here will wait for LTE (Long Term Evolution), a "true" 4G standard that won't be here for at least two years. Either way -- be it WiMAX now or LTE later on -- inexpensive, ubiquitous, high-speed connectivity should be on enterprises planning horizon. IT pros need to start thinking about the implications now and possibly even act on them.

4G: Here It Comes, Ready or Not -- Part I

The 4G era has begun. What will it mean for enterprise IT and telecom managers - beyond higher mobile wireless data speeds? It depends who you ask, and what you believe.

Google Preparing Unlocked, Android Smartphone?

More evidence surfaced lending credence to the rumor of an Android smartphone coming directly from Google.

In Healthcare Communications, One Device Does Not Fit All � Yet

A single mobile device (e.g. cell phone, smartphone or PDA) cannot meet the needs of everybody in a healthcare setting. There are too many constituencies, with too many needs, and too many technological hurdles to overcome. So to the healthcare communications task force teams out there doing their due diligence, beyond asset management and procurement issues, here are some things to think about.

Don't Call It "Voice Jail" Anymore

“Voice jail” usually refers to how callers get trapped while trying to reach someone, but it’s equally applicable to anyone that’s forced to check messages constantly. With voicemail transcription technology, keeping on top of phone messages can become a lot less arduous and time consuming.

Part II: Things to Consider When Using the iPhone Outside the U.S.

Specific steps the author took to keep iPhone-usage costs down during a recent trip to Mexico.

20 Best Gifts for Wi-Fi Lovers

Will it be an Internet radio, a new router, or maybe an iPhone? Whether you have $15 or $1500 to spend on Wi-Fi, we've got the gifts for you.