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Samsung Develops Dual-Core 2GHz Mobile Chip

Geek.com: Processor to land in mobile devices next year.

Mobile Chips Of Change Makes Big Splash in Barcelona

InformationWeek: During the giant Mobile World Congress trade show last week, vendors introduced new chipsets to enable mobile computing in every aspect of our lives.

Qualcomm Adds M-Wallet Technology to Chips

Uses NFC technology to enable a contactless data exchange that's quick and secure when a devices' proximity is within close range.

Quick Response Codes Part II - Automatic Mobile Web Access

For a few years now, Japanese consumers have been using barcode scanning software on their camera phones to automatically surf the Web while mobile. It's an idea that might seem slightly bizarre to North Americans now - but perhaps not for long.

Why Are PCs and Gadgets So Slow? (Who's Breaking Moore's Law?)

Sure, they get a little faster and a little cheaper, but nothing like the performance and price gains the pundits and vendors promise.

nVidia Teams Tegra Chips With Android

Graphics chip maker working closely with Open Handset Alliance, the consortium of companies in charge of the Google-developed smartphone platform.

Intel, ARM, nVidia Show Off Mobile Chops in Barcelona

Major chipmakers aren't letting the economy drag them down. Instead, they're plotting the next generation of mobile devices.