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The Catch Behind T-Mobile's Unlimited Data Plan

InformationWeek: Plan offers unlimited voice, messaging, and data--up to only 2GB though.

T-Mobile to Offer Unlimited Cellular Plan

Mobile Burn: Unlimited calling, text messages and data usage to go for $79.99 per month.

FCC May Mandate Data Roaming Across US

The Register: Carriers are apparently doing their best to keep the Federal Communications Commission from implementing such as measure however.

Four Essential Considerations for Choosing Voice Communications Management Platforms

We highlight the key steps to selecting a voice communications platform for your enterprise that bridges both voice and data domains.

Qualcomm Adds M-Wallet Technology to Chips

Uses NFC technology to enable a contactless data exchange that's quick and secure when a devices' proximity is within close range.

Tip: Smartphone — Using USB Storage on a Redfly

A few things to keep in mind when expanding your Redfly smartphone terminals storage capacity with an external device like a jump drive.

Tip: Smartphone — No GPS? No Problem

Free service sends you free turn-by-turn voice or test directions. All you have to do is ask.