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Developers Get BlackBerry Analytics Service

Mobile Burn: RIM's BlackBerry Analytics Service includes an SDK.

Google Gives Developers First Crack at Honeycomb

Google this week served up a preview of its Android 3.0 mobile operating system SDK that's designed to optimize tablet performance.

Mobile App Developers Scramble to Cash In On Tablet Revolution

Developers are still writing tons of mobile apps for Apple's iPhone, but the surge in new tablets on multiple platforms is forcing them to multitask at a frenetic pace.

Amazon to Offer Android App Store

The alternative to Android's Marketplace is designed to give consumers easier access to the mobile applications they want.

BlackBerry Opens Up App World, But Is It Enough?

WebWorks, social media and open source moves designed to make the popular smartphone more appealing to mobile app developers and the enterprise.

Microsoft Paying Mobile App Devs to Sign Up for Windows Phone 7

The software giant is feuling its Windows Phone 7 mobile app effort by compensating developers. Is it prudent -- or a sign of desperation?

Mobile Management Guide: Pros and Cons of Top Mobile Operating Systems

A must-read for mobile IT departments that need to work with developers on choosing the best mobile operating system for their business.

Google's App Inventor Lowers Bar on Android Mobile App Dev

No programming required, as Linux-based Android app development gets a boost with new Google effort to simplify building mobile downloads.

Google Entices Enterprise with Cloud-Based Dev Offering

App Engine for Business and a joint-venture with VMware are designed to help Google win over more enterprise customers. Will they work?

BlackBerry Application Devs Get Push Update as Mobile App Usage Soars

Using the new push feature, BlackBerry OS developers can send up to 8KB of content in each transmission update. Plus, recent stats on mobile application downloads cite a super surge.

Can Open Source Silverlight Save Microsoft Windows Mobile Apps?

Microsoft MIX10 news: Microsoft is hoping to court mobile app developers by releasing an open-source update to Web development platform Silverlight.

XML Creator Joins Android, Faults Apple's Vision of Mobile Internet

Former Oracle/Sun developer Tim Bray signs on with Google's Android team and already makes headlines with sharp words about Apple's policies and the iPhone and how they relate to the future of the mobile Internet.

Google Launches Apps Marketplace

The new enterprise Apps Marketplace lets developers integrate directly with Google Apps, making their applications, and the data they support, more readily accessible to users.

Mobile Development in Demand for 2010

Mobile and Web developers lead the pack in terms of demand in the IT job sector, according to one study.

How Apple is Thwarting Enterprise iPhone App Development

Paul Rubens takes issue with Apple's iPhone app approval policy in regard to how it impacts the mobile enterprise space.