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DEMO: Time for E-mail Without the Hassles

cc:Betty and Gwabbit teach your e-mail new tricks

Firm Sees iPhone as Enterprise Security Token

Forget smart cards: Charismathics says its iEnigma gives companies a way to enable two-factor authentication on their iPhone.

Tip: Windows Mobile — How to Use Your XV6800/Mogul on a Wi-Fi Network

Wi-Fi is particularly handy when you're deep inside a concrete building or when you're in a remote place where cell towers are sparse.

Motorola Sells Off Enterprise Mobile E-mail Unit

Good Technology has a new owner through the deal, as Motorola looks to right itself.

Overview: Lotus Notes Comes to the iPhone

IBM Lotus iNotes Ultralite is a web application that you access through the mobile Safari web browser on the iPhone.

Tip: Windows Mobile — Manage Your ActiveSync Settings

How to influence what data gets transferred between your PC and Windows Mobile.

Tip: BlackBerry — Accessing Facebook

Accessing the popular social networking site from a BlackBerry is easier than ever.

Tip: BlackBerry — Voice Recognition

MyCaption plug-in promises to transcribe your words into text on several RIM smartphones.

Quick Response Codes Part II - Automatic Mobile Web Access

For a few years now, Japanese consumers have been using barcode scanning software on their camera phones to automatically surf the Web while mobile. It's an idea that might seem slightly bizarre to North Americans now - but perhaps not for long.

An Introduction to Apple's MobileMe Service

MobileMe keeps email, contacts, appointments up-to-date between a Mac, and iPhone, iPod touch, and even a PC. That means if you make a change to an appointment or an address on your home computer, it will automatically appear on your iPhone and on any other computer you've set up.

Tip: BlackBerry — Removing an E-Mail Account

How to remove or manage an e-mail account on a RIM smartphone.

Tip: Smartphone — Mob-E-Mail Can Help Car Shoppers

Do your research online and then send your smartphone a link to help you remember what vehicles had which characteristics.

How to Protect Your Mobile Device from Loss, Theft & Malware

Veteran security researcher explains what you can do to safeguard your cell phone, smartphone or PDA, as well as yourself.

Mobile Device Security III: Employee-Owned Device Risks

Worker-owned PDAs and smartphones, while perhaps beneficial to staff productivity, introduce un-secure wild cards into otherwise secure environs; leaving companies open to data theft, regulatory compliance headaches, and other possible breaches of security.