Device Index earnings

RIM CEO Responds to Critics

TFTS: Mike Lazaridis doesn't understand the negativity of some critics regarding his company.

Nokia Earnings Drop Precipitously

CNET: Android and the iPhone continue to take toll on mobile device maker.

HTC Sales, Profits Surge

CNET: Taiwanese mobile phone maker rides wave interest in its Android-run mobile devices to record earnings.

Apple Takes Back Mobile OS Lead

Electronista: A quick analysis of Apple's Q1 results shows that the iPhone maker has retaken the smartphone OS lead in its race with Google and Android.

RIM May Be Feeling Heat From iPhone, Android

Under siege by Apple and Google, the early mover in enterprise smartphones sees sales disappoint.

Palm's Poor Quarter Raises Concerns About Its Survival

The Palm handhelds, the Pre and Pixi, won admiration due to their hot technology, but that hasn't converted into sales. What can the company do to survive the onslaught of rivals such as the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry?

Google Chief: We Still Love the iPhone

On the heels of another impressive earnings report, Google's CEO says Apple and the Internet giant are still on good terms.