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U.S. Army enlists Android Handheld

Mobile Burn: Google to produce what's called the Joint Battle Command-Platform mobile device.

Samsung to Challenge Apple's iPod touch

Brighthand: Samsung is getting ready a handheld computer based on Google's Android OS.

Mobile and Wireless Dominate CES 2010

Are desktop computers fading away as the mobile phenomenon takes off? One industry watcher thinks so.

Tip: Windows Mobile — Spooky Sounds for the Season

Microsoft Total Access offering free Halloween themed ringtones.

Tip: BlackBerry — Organizes Mobile Content With Viigo

App streamlines the process of accessing your favorite online content while on the move.

Tip: Windows Mobile — Setting Up an Out-of-Office Auto-Reply

Sure, you're taking your smartphone with you on vacation. But do you really want to be held accountable for the e-mail that piles up? Give yourself a break-and let everyone know you're at least "trying" to unplug.

Tip: BlackBerry — Locking Options

Specify that you want your BlackBerry to lock—so you don't make any unintended calls, for instance—when you slip the smartphone into its sleeve.

Review: HP iPAQ 110 Classic - PDA Like It's 1999

The iPAQ 110 may look like a museum relic from the days when everyone had a PDA in his or her pocket. But that's not a bad thing.

Tip: BlackBerry — Removing an E-Mail Account

How to remove or manage an e-mail account on a RIM smartphone.

Tip: Windows Mobile — Using ActiveSync to Reinstall Software

By installing applications and data through ActiveSync you're giving yourself a backup plan in case of catastrophe.